We analyze all users who visit your website and your social networks. We assess demographics, your interests, length of stay, and through which channel you have reached the site.
Servicio Evaluación de la Competencia

Competitive Assessment

We carry out an evaluation of the main communication channels and digital marketing of your competitors as well as those brands that you have as a reference. We draw up a plan taking into account the added value of your business so that you can achieve your goals.

Metrics Consolidation

We take care of preparing the necessary plans to organize the communication processes of a company. These plans pursue the objective of transmitting the identity and value proposition of a company simultaneously to its different audiences (internal or external).

A good comprehensive communication plan contemplates the selection and strategic management of the most efficient channels to impact the audience.

Servicio Analítica Digital Más Vale Comunicar
Servicio Análisis de Resultados en Más Vale Comunicar

Analysis of Results

We join your team and take care to put the focus on achieving a goal. We work from consulting to design strategies and processes to increase visibility and profitability.

We investigate the situation and analyze what is the best course of action to follow according to the state of the situation. We advise on projects ranging from launching a new brand or undertaking, products and / or services to a strategic look at the crisis resolution process.